SenseMaking - Session Recording - 6/7/21 - Inaugural Session

SenseMaking - Session Recording - 6/7/21 - Inaugural Session

Our inaugural Community of Practice SenseMaking session! In this sense making session we had a lively and engaged group looking at our own Community of Practice map to start making sense of one of our biggest tension points, how to move from a hub and spoke network with Christine at the core, to a multi-hub network with more peer-to-peer support and co-learning!!

This is the beginning of a sequence of sessions applying Human System Dynamics (HSD) to Social System Map SenseMaking. In them, we will develop a regular practice of looking at social system maps together, through the lenses of HSD models and methods, unveiling what we can see and take action on collectively and individually. Newbies will get a taste for what's possible, practitioners will get practice guiding others in SenseMaking and everyone will gain exposure to and familiarity with the HSD Models and Methods most helpful for unpacking a Social System Map.

Please join us on the 1st Monday of each month for these sessions. These new sessions are included in our regular Social System Mapping Community of Practice emails.

Links shared in this SenseMaking session:

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