Custom Survey Filter | Tier IV

Custom Survey Filter | Tier IV

Sometimes the segment filter on the connections page just isn't enough. Your population is huge and you need another variable to help members filter the whole list down to a manageable number.

In that case - in a Tier IV account - you can use the Custom Survey Filter feature. If you have a Tier IV account, when you click on any list-type (checkbox, select, radio button) field on your survey canvas (on the left side of the workspace) to open the field editor, you'll see the custom filter checkbox below the option list (at #2 in the image below).

Facts about the custom survey filter feature

  • You can only use one question field as a custom filter.
  • Select a field where it's most likely that people who have selected the same response have a  greater likelihood of knowing one another than people who didn't. As in #1 in the image below.
  • When the custom filter checkbox for a specific question is checked off, the responses to that question will become a filter on the connections page of the member view. When an option is selected (from the list under #3 above), everyone who selected that option will show in the member list, and everyone who didn't select it will be removed from the list.
  • The member can select multiple options.
  • The member can combine the segment filter with the custom survey filter to further narrow the list.
  • The numbers listed to the right of the question options indicate how many people in the network have chosen that option.
  • Don't forget to save the whole page (upper right green 'save' button) after closing the field editor pop-up!

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