How To Transfer A Project To Another User

How To Transfer A Project To Another User

If you need to transfer a project to another user, we can do that for you. To do so:
  • Submit a ticket with the following information:
    • The fact that you want a project moved from one account to another.
    • The name of the account the project is currently in.
    • The name of the project.
    • The name of the username for the account you want the project moved into.
Facts to know about moving projects:
  • The account you are moving the project into must be the same tier or higher than the tier the project is currently in.
  • If the project is moved into a tier III or IV account, it will be moved irrevocably into that higher tier.
  • A project in a Tier III or IV account will never be able to be down-graded to a lower tier (this is the case whether the project was moved from project to project or simply in an account that was upgraded to a higher tier)
  • There is currently no way to share access to projects on a project by project basis. If you need others to be able to access a project, you'll have to share your log-in info with them. If you do, they'll be able to access all the projects in your account.

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