Intro to Member Views

Intro to Member Views

The Member View is the interface that your members will engage with. You - as the sumApp Administrator will be able to customize the member view, in varying degrees, depending on your Tier (learn more about Tiers).

While preparing your project, it's important that you review and test your set-up using the same context in which your members will engage. Put yourself and one other person into your member list, click your own link from the member list to view your member view, and be sure to test your survey fields, click on the other member's connection tile and make sure the interface works as expected.

Facts About Member Views:

  • You won't have a member view if you don't have any members in your member list.
  • All the members in your member list (in the admin interface), always show in the connections page of your member view.
  • Members generally receive their links through bulk emails sent from sumApp.
  • Each member's link is unique to that member and should not be shared with others.
    • The exception is for the purpose of personal out-reach by influencers. Just make sure the person reaching out understands how the links relate to the members.
  • Each member's link is effective as long as the project is kept active and the member hasn't been deleted from the member list.
    • You can access any member's link via the member list - click the chain link icon in front of the member's name.
    • If a member a problem, you can use their link to help trouble-shoot or to input their data for them.
  • Members should save their links so they can return to update their information as desired.

Pages in Member View

The sumApp member view has from two to four pages, depending on your Tier and your settings:
  • The Bio or Profile page - All Tiers, always visible. Includes:
    • Welcome Text, explaining what you want your members to do here and why.
    • Image upload, to help members to identify one another visually.
    • Old-Tweet-sized 'bio' field. 140 characters that show on the member tile on the connections page
    • The tab label (bio or other) can be changed in Tier IV, in settings.
  • The Survey page - Tiers II, III & IV. Can be toggled off or on. Includes:
    • These are questions about the members themselves.
    • All fields defined in the sumApp survey editor.
    • All standardized (having pre-defined option lists) questions can be clustered on in Kumu to show what commonalities among your members (we call those 'discoverable connections').
  • The Connections page - All Tiers, always visible. Includes:
    • Features at top made to make it easy for members to find other members and limit the total population of members shown by various variables. These include:
      • Buttons for sorting the member list.
      • Filter(s) for focusing and reducing the population.
      • Search field
    • Member Tiles
  • The Map Page- All Tiers. Can be toggled off or on. Includes:

    Upcoming Events

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