sumApp Member View | Map Page

sumApp Member View | Map Page

The Map Page allows you to embed your Kumu map back into the sumApp interface. This enables your members to see what they're contributing to as they submit their data, have nearly instant satisfaction, find relationships they've missed and easily go back to the connections panel and update their connection to that member.

We believe that seeing the map live, being able to interact with it and see first hand the purpose of the sumApp questions - all while engaging with data-input, increases members willingness to participate, as well as increases the fullness of their responses. Therefore, we urge you to get a pilot group going and set up a prototype map as soon as possible. So that you have something to share with you broader member list when you begin to ask them to engage.

The map page is pretty simple - after the sumApp elements at the top (#1 and #2) , you see the interactive Kumu map interface (#3), which is almost the same as what you see when you log into Kumu.

Is it Kumu or is it an embed?

The differences between your map when you're logged-into Kumu vs. a map embed anywhere outside of Kumu are:

1) None of the editorial features at the outer rim of map canvas will show in the embed. In the image below, you can tell this is logged-into-Kumu map because you can see the darker outer rim. The embed will only show what's inside of the darker red border, as you see in the image above.
2) The settings access can be toggled off or on in the embed - but no settings will ever be saved back to the home map in Kumu. In other words, no-one can mess up the map.

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