sumApp Member View | Survey Page

sumApp Member View | Survey Page

The member view survey page is almost completely defined in the Survey Editor.

Features of the Survey Page:

1) Project name - defined when project was created. Can be changed in Settings.
2) Member View Navigation Bar. Member can skip forward or backward through the app to whichever page they want to see.
3) Survey with various fields including: (read more about field types).
      4) Header text field (use to break survey into sections).
      5) Instruction text field (helps explain each section).
      6) Various other field types.
7) Back buttons (top and bottom of page) - saves survey entries and moves back to Bio page.
8) Save button (back and next buttons also save, but sometimes a person simply want's to be sure even if not ready to move forward).
9) Next button (top and bottom of page) - saves survey entries and moves forward to Connections page.

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