sumApp Overview

sumApp Overview

sumApp Overview

If you'd like a little orientation to sumApp, this 57 second video should help!

yes (sumApp has been significantly updated since this video was made but we still think it will give you a good sense of what's going on, and you can probably translate what you see in the video to the current platform.)

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        • Understanding the Relationship Between sumApp and Kumu

          Kumu is an online platform that visualizes data in network graph format.  A personal account is free. Each account can have unlimited 'projects'. Projects that are indexed and viewable by the public are free. Private projects cost roughly $10/month. ...
        • sumApp Features by Tier

          Tier I - free Up to 3 projects| max 1,500 people/project Kumu-Ready data structure Multiple data output formats .csv .json Live .json link (data automatically feeds into Kumu, so you map is always up-to-date) Connections stay in place as long as you ...
        • sumApp Pricing Table

          Tier I Tier II Tier III* Tier IV* Cost Monthly Annual Monthly Annual Monthly Annual Monthly  Annual 1 Project $0 $0 $15 $144 $33 $317 $45 $432 3 Projects $0 $0 $38 $360 $83 $792 $113 $1,080 5 Projects NA NA $53 $504 $116 $1,109 $158 $1,512 10 ...
        • Frequently Asked Questions

          What is Social System Mapping? Social System Mapping is an expanded version of Network Mapping that is emerging from the increased functionality of the combination of sumApp and Kumu. It's a mash-up of system mapping, social network mapping, asset ...
        • Accounts Needed for Social System Mapping

          Social System Mapping involves the use of two online platforms, sumApp and Kumu. sumApp You'll need a sumApp account to gather your network data. You can start a free 1 month trial here. You can learn more about the sumApp tiers here. sumApp is ...