The Create Survey Workspace

The Create Survey Workspace

Tiers II, III & IV include a survey / member profile.  You customize your survey to suit your network in the Survey Editor Workspace:

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Parts of the Workspace

1) Indicates what page you're on, within your project.
2) Indicates which project you're currently working on.
3) Shows you're in the first tab of the project phases navigation bar - SetUp
4) Shows you're in the 'create survey' tab of the Set-Up phase
5) On the left is the Survey Builder - you'll drag fields from the right side of the workspace to the left. There you can put them in the order you want and edit the field content.
6) On the right you can select from your field options to drag onto the Survey Builder canvas.
7) Enables you to preview the form.
8) Save the whole survey - don't forget to save frequently!
9) Clone enables you to copy another survey from your account as a starting point. Existing fields will be over-written when you clone as survey.
10) Cancels you out and doesn't save whatever changes you've made since your last save.

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