The Visionary Hat in Social System Mapping

The Visionary Hat

Are You An SSM Visionary?

The person or persons wearing the Visionary hat are generally the catalysts that get a Social System Mapping project started. They convince network decision-makers to support the project. They help key network members define the networks mapping needs. They facilitate the survey design, connection options, and help inform the overall process in such a way that respects and embodies the network's values and structure.

If that sounds like you, consider yourself a Visionary. You'll know that's you if you're looking for help with the following:
  • Articulating the value of mapping
  • Generating interest in the project
  • Defining a process for design input & feedback
  • Inviting the network to participate at appropriate levels
  • Designing activities that stimulate deeper thinking about what would be useful
  • Keeping everyone informed of the process
  • Making sure the Technician(s) have what they need to set up the tools correctly

If that's you, keep in mind:

You'll be needed to keep your sense of imagination and purpose and value informing the process through all the phases, tho you'll be more than crucial at the beginning. The Envisioning part of this Knowledge Base is aimed to help you do your job, so it should be your first stop when looking for answers.

On the one hand - The deeper the degree of engagement you can inspire from the network up front, the better sensemaking the group can experience with the completed map.

And on the other hand - Social System Mapping is still new to most people, and still breaking out of the box of the classic SNA. So don't set your expectations so high that you make it hard to begin. Start where there's some energy, take whatever involvement you can get and go from there. Until people have something to engage with, it's often hard for them to really think deeply about what's possible.

So get started! Experiment! And share what you learn with the other Visionaries in the Community Visionary Forums.

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