Tier Differences in The Survey Builder

Tier Differences in The Survey Builder

The Survey Editor will be slightly different, depending on which Tier you've subscribed to:

Tier I

Tier I doesn't include the survey option, so if you account has downgraded to Tier I, you won't be able to select 'Edit Survey Form' from the Manage button in the Project list or from 'Create Survey' in the upper project menu.

If you previously had a Tier II project, in which you set up a survey and gathered survey input, your data still exists in sumApp. You can subscribe to Tier II for as long as you need to have your survey open again, gather your data, and then revert back down to Tier 1 again if desired.

Tiers II & III

Tier II & III have the most basic survey format. All tiers have the same survey fields, and the same options within the survey fields.
The one thing you don't have in a Tier II or III account is the Custom Survey Filter.  That checkbox in your Field Editor Dialog Box - #9 in the image below - WON'T show.

Tiers IV

The one difference you'll see in the survey builder if you have a Tier IV account is that you have access to the Custom Survey Filter feature.
The Field Editor Dialog Box  - as in the image below - WILL have #9.

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