Understanding your map embed options

Understanding your map embed options

Now that you can use sumApp with two different platforms, we figured you'd want to be able to share both maps in the sumApp member view - so now you can!

If you have two maps, you can select to show neither, one of them or both. If you show both, you'll be able to name each map however suits your context, as you can see below.

For help adding your Kumu map to sumApp, see this article.

To add your Graph Commons map to your sumApp interface, first you need to get the 'Embed code' from your Graph Commons project.

First click on the 'Share' icon:

Then get 'Embed Code'

Copy the entire code string from the code field - take care to get it all!

In sumApp, go to 'Setup' and then 'Define Settings', and scroll down to the map settings area below the welcome text area

You can show/not show either map tab. You can give them distinctive labels.

Insert the 'embed code' you've copied from Graph Commons into the map embed link field you want to contain your Graph Commons map - it doesn't matter to sumApp which you use.

Now DELETE all the code wrapped around the actual URL - everything on either side of, and including the " marks. What remains should begin with https: and end with embed.

It will look like this:

Don't forget to save!

Now go appreciate your dual-map interface  

That's it!

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