What is Social System Mapping?

What is Social System Mapping?

Social System Mapping is an expanded version of Network Mapping that is emerging from the increased functionality of the combination of sumApp and Kumu.

It's a mash-up of system mapping, social network mapping, asset mapping, stakeholder mapping and more.

Human beings and their own self-reporting are at the core of Social System Mapping, but at the same time - the social network is not isolated from the systemic forces that the humans in the system impact and are impacted by, and the systemic forces in the system are not de-personalized. It's humans, relationships, systemic forces - all together.

Learn more from this 17 minute video:

Social System Mapping is one genre of the new visual language that is developing out of the intersection of data-visualization, network science and systems thinking. We hope it can become a tool as useful to understanding and engaging with the invisible dynamics of human networks and systems, as geographical mapping is to understanding and navigating the physical world.

And THAT will require a whole lot of us to learn, use, and then teach the new language.

We invite you to be part of that discovery process!

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